Egg-less Desserts

I have had many requests for egg-less cakes & cookies, also known as biscuits. Although folks are not vegetarian or vegan but for medical or religious reasons abstain from eggs for a period of time. Many Hindus observe a month of prayer during which they are totally vegetarian.

Whatever your reasons maybe, you will find a number of really tasty desserts without the use of eggs. Use the links above to select the recipes that you wish to use.

Converting recipe measures & oven temperature settings

Many recipes on this site have their origins in other parts of the world. Sometimes the measures used may not be familiar. Use this handy link to easily convert the measures to that which you use.
Recipe Conversions
The link that follows will help you in finding the correct pan size for baking.
Find Your Correct Baking Pan Size

Many of the dessert recipes have whipped cream as a topping. I have often felt guilty about this, but I believe the occasional indulgence is okay. I am happy to see that other health experts feel the same. In fact using cream that you whip has an advantage to other creams like those in cans. Please refer to this Article about Whipping Cream

However I prefer not to sweeten the cream as there are usually other toppings like jam, or honey or syrup that are sweet enough. So do enjoy the whipped topping. It is one of my favorite toppings.

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