Indira's Famous Eggless Fruit Cake

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Indira Sewpaul

The recipe for Indira Sewpaul's very popular and delicious eggless fruitcake was submitted by her daughter, Diraksha Sewpaul. Everyone who tastes this cake, asks her mom for the recipe. She makes it for birthdays, weddings and all kinds of get togethers. Now, all Indira has to do is give people this link to view her recipe online!!

Indira is the wife of my first cousin, Ishwar Sewpaul. They have 4 adult children in successful careers and are proud and happy grandparents as well. They live in a large home on a farm in Natal, South Africa where they grow sugar cane, fruit and vegetables. We enjoy visiting this family who are such good hosts. After an entertaining visit & delicious meals prepared by Indira, we usually leave with bags of fresh vegetables & fruit to take home.

Indira is a very caring mother and homemaker. She is an excellent cook and hosts many dinners for family and friends. I am so pleased that Indira has decided to share some of her recipes. You will be sure to have success with trying her recipes as I have sampled her cooking, which is excellent.

Here is Indira's famous family recipe for Egg-less Fruit Cake.


  1. 500ml Water
  2. 500g fruitcake mix
  3. 750 ml.(3 cups)cake flour/all purpose flour
  4. 5ml egg yellow food color
  5. 7.5 ml baking powder
  6. 7.5ml bicarbonate of soda/baking soda
  7. 50g almonds or pecan nuts
  8. 1 tin condensed milk
  9. 5ml mixed spice
  10. 250g butter
  11. 50g cherries


  • Pre-heat oven to 180°C/400°F.
  • Boil water, condensed milk, cake fruit mix & butter for 5 minutes
  • Allow mixture to cool
  • Sift dry ingredients
  • Add sifted dry ingredients to cooled fruit mixture
  • Mix to a dropping batter
  • Grease round cake tin with a piece of butter
  • Pour batter into baking pan and smooth top
  • Arrange cherries, almonds & other nuts (optional-other nuts) on surface of cake mixture.
  • Press in. Cover top with brown paper
  • Bake at 180°C/350°F. for 50 minutes-1hour.Test until skewer comes off clean.
  • Leave to cool before removing from baking pan
  • Slice & Enjoy this delicious fruit cake

Indira uses a round cake pan that is approximately, 35cm.x15cm/or approximately, 14inches by 5inces. I have baked a similar fruit cake using a 13x11inces pan. If you would like, use the link that follows to help you find the correct pan size for baking.
Find Your Correct Baking Pan Size

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