Watermelon shell filled with a mix of fruits

Delicious wholesome basket of mixed fruit. No added sugar or sweetener

Fruit Basket

This is a fun dessert to make. Many years ago a colleague of mine told me about her regular contribution to potlucks, a watermelon basket. She described it as easy to make and enjoyed by everyone.

I decided to try it as well. Since then I have made several versions but did not take pictures of them!! The only pictures I found in my collection are these that you see on this page. I have to say that I have created more attrative baskets than this one.

But I will leave it to you to be creative now that you have this prototype. The advantage of this dessert is that no need for sugar or sweetener. The sweetness comes from just the fresh fruits.

Although there is no added sugar of any kind, do check with your physician if this dish is suitable for your health if you are on any special diet. Although fruits have fiber and many nutritive ingredients, they do have a sugar content.

All you have to to create your basket is to use a melon baller to scoop the balls of fruit. Add as much color as possible with a mix of fruits. You can serve it as is or with cream, vegan or regular ice-cream. Especially in summer this makes a delicious yet healthful dessert.
Here is how you construct this dessert.


  1. 1 large watermelon
  2. 1 sweetmelon/spanspek/cantaloupe
  3. 1 sliced banana
  4. A few strawberries
  5. 1 sliced nectarine
  6. Fruit that has been scooped from the watermelon
  7. Any fruit that you prefer


  1. Select a nice ripe watermelon and other fruits
  2. Rinse the outsides of the fruits
  3. Use a pen to outline where you want to cut the water melon in half, widthways
  4. Remember to shape the handle as well
  5. Place the watermelon on a large tray as you will have juices leaking out
  6. Carefully slice along your outline. Put away the top 2 pieces from either side of the handles
  7. Use a melon baller and scoop balls of melon from the base. Keep the balled fruit in a tray
  8. When most of the fruit has been removed, use the same melon baller to hollow out the bottom of the watermelon
  9. Take care not to scrape too deeply and cut the shell
  10. Drain off all the juices. You may choose to decorate the edges of the basket with zig zag patterns or whatever you fancy
  11. Use the same process with the other melon. Slice, ball or peel other fruits as necessary
  12. If you are not planning to serve this very soon, keep the empty basket in the 'fridge and leave the fruits in their containers in the 'fridge as well
  13. When ready to serve add the fruits into the basket in whatever style you like
  14. Guests can use a large spoon to help themselves to the basket of fruit
  15. You will have more fruit than can fit into the basket. Refrigerate the extra or just serve the rest on platters
The watermelon basket filled with balls and slices of fruits

The basket now filled with balls and slices of fruit

Watermelon contents are scooped leaving the shell of the watermelon

Contents of watermelon balled, leaving shell of watermelon

a view of the watermelon contents scooped leaving the shell of the watermelon

A view of the basket that has been created

When creating the basket, do be careful not to cut yourself. You will have to outline where you want the middle to be and the handle of your basket. Once you have that marked, carefully slice. You can make the edges fancy with a patterns like zig zags or leave them plain. You can also get creative with the handle

You can make this ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator. You may find the balled fruit getting releasing juice, so it is best to add the fruit to the basket when ready to serve. The extra portions can be saved for another time. You do end up with lots of juice as you scoop out the innards to make your basket. You can liquidize the rest of the fruit and enjoy the juice. You may also freeze them in ice trays to enjoy later or just serve the extra fruit in a regular bowl.

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