Vimala's Delicious Royal Creams Biscuits

Picture of Baked Royal Creams Biscuits

Delicious Home made, Royal Creams

Vimala Naidoo has contributed another delicious recipe for Royal Creams, a favorite of mine, since I was a child. (It always got finished too quickly.)

On every trip to South Africa, I enjoy eating these biscuits.I have also brought them back to the USA. So I was delighted to try Vimala's recipe for Royal Creams.

I halved the ingredients and I was so pleased with the results. It tastes just like the South African Royal Creams!!! I still have to perfect the shape, but the taste is really, really good. You will find more about Vimala and her other recipe at, Coconut Biscuits

Here is the Royal Creams Recipe


  1. 250 g./8 ounces/ 2 sticks butter/
  2. ½ cup icing sugar/confectioners sugar
  3. ½ cup maizena/cornstarch
  4. enough flour to make a soft dough, (approx.2½cups)
  5. Do not add all the flour at once. Reserve half cup and add as needed
  6. 1 tsp. almond essence
  7. a pinch of salt


  1. Cream butter and icing sugar
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to this creamed mixture
  3. Do not add all the flour at once, enough to make a pliable soft dough
  4. Prepare baking tray, by applying lightly with butter or oil
  5. Pinch even sized portions of dough, roll in palm of hand, press with fork & place on tray
  6. Ensure spacing between shaped dough, to allow for expansion
  7. Bake at 180°C./350° for 10-12 minutes
  8. It should be light in color
  9. Remove from oven
  10. When cool, sandwich with icing/frosting


  1. 1 cup icing sugar/powdered sugar
  2. 2 tblsp. soft butter
  3. A few drops of almond essence


  1. Mix all ingredients together to form a soft mass
  2. Adjust with more butter or icing sugar as needed
  3. If you find that the mix does not spread easily, add a few drops of water until you get a smooth consistency
  4. When biscuits are cool, apply icing/frosting and sandwich together
  5. Sprinkle biscuits lightly with dry icing/powdered sugar
frosting for biscuits

Frosting/Icing, ready to be applied to biscuits

baked bicuits just out of oven

Biscuits just out of the oven, note the light color

Ball of dough and shapes being made

Balll of dough being shaped

mix of butter and icing sugar

Butter and Icing sugar/powdered sugar being mixed

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Those on special diets should substitute ingredients that comply with a particular health condition. Please note that icing sugar, as we know it in South Africa, is the same product as Confectioners Powdered Sugar in the USA.

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